Here's What We Do

Our Services

We help increase your revenue and decrease your costs through our proprietary set of services including PMAAS℠, MICROGOALS℠ and MICROADJUSTMENTS℠. Click here to learn more.

We give your employees and supervisors actionable insights, motivational messages and real-time guidance based on their performance to maximize their efficiency and effectiveness. We also replace generic coaching based on "gut-feel" with specific, individualized, and motivational coaching resulting in a preformance improvement plan to an "Audience of One".

How We Do It


We follow a standard process to better understand our client’s needs and determine the optimal combination of services to help them maximize performance.

Discuss Challenges and Goals

We dive deep with your organization to understand your challenges and goals

Analyze Data

We analyze your KPIs and data sources

Conduct Observations

We meet your team and observe their environment

Share Our Observations

We share our observations and performance recommendations

Collaborate on Solution

We work with your team to determine the optimal set of QB Services to achieve your goals

Customize Solution

We customize our platform and on-the-ground services to match your needs, including white label options

Roll Out Program

We can roll out services to your entire organization within days or we can work with you on phased roll outs for larger implementations

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Find out how QOREBOARD will accelerate performance and drive profit in your organization.