Mission & Values

Our Mission and QORE Values

Our Mission is to change lives by inspiring and enabling individuals, teams, and organizations to tap into their unrealized potential through sustainable and empowering performance improvement programs.

We live by a core set of values that underpins the way we work with each other and with our clients:

Work as One QORE Team

Always Do What's Right

Think SIMPLE to Make Major Impact

Give and Receive Feedback as a Gift

Inspire People

Adapt and Remain Flexible

Communicate to Gain Alignment

Try New Things. Don't Fear Failure

Seize All Opportunities to Improve

Win as One QORE Team

Our QORE Team

Some Team Thoughts

QOREBOARD was founded and is managed by a team with a passion to help people realize their full potential. Hear comments from a few below...

“After 30 years of leading cross functional teams, I’m excited to take those learnings and incorporate them into QOREBOARD. It’s amazing how much we can inspire people to exceed their goals using technology and big data!”

— Mike Midgett, CEO

“At QOREBOARD I’m able to leverage the latest tools and technologies to create our incredible tech services. The freedom to explore different solutions keeps me excited everyday.”

— Hannah Mitchell, Software Developer

“Qoreboard is a digital native offering a Fitbit-like experience for employee performance management. The company is on the convergence of the hyper-connectivity, AI/ML, bigData, demand for elevated employee experience, and employers' increasing desire for real-time team performance metrics.”

— David Chang, Tech Advisor

“I love being part of a company that helps people achieve their goals. The excitement that comes when someone exceeds even their own expectations makes my day.”

— Steve Romero, Director of Performance Management

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