Our Structured Approach

Performance Improvement

We have a structured process that allows us to understand the biggest opportunities to drive the highest ROI improvements within your organization.

We focus on the engagement, culture, goal setting and motivation of your frontlines. When the individual employee wins every hour of every day and feels motivated to reach their potential the organization wins through increased revenue and reduced costs.

Performance Management Diagnostic

We perform an initial diagnostic through site visits, focus groups, interviews and observations to learn about our clients. We also perform analytics to identify areas of improvement and to size the opportunities.

Improvement Program Development

We develop a prioritized improvement plan with a clear timeline laying out scheduling, planning, content creation and pilot/control parameters. We prefer to prove the effectiveness of our solutions before scaling.

Goal Setting and Dashboard Creation

We work with clients to establish KPI goals that drive optimal performance for individuals, managers and the enterprise. To do this we leverage our Microgoals℠ service to set real time achievable goals that are aligned at all levels of the organization. We load those goals into individualized QOREBOARDs, communicate the goals and connect to your data.

Test and Learn Pilot

We launch pilots to test our QOREBOARDs and improvement services. The pilots are made of daily touch points, MICROGOALS℠, MICROADJUSTMENTS℠, inspirational 1:1’s and best practice sharing. As new approaches are tested the team adjusts to maximize performance.

Program Evaluation, Scale, and Rollout

We conduct in-depth ROI analysis post pilot to validate the value of program and then present to leadership for a go/no go decision. If successful, the roll out plan is developed and executed across the enterprise.

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