Achieving MICROGOALS℠: A Guide to Healthy Motivation Wednesday, Aug 7th, 2019

Achieving MICROGOALS℠: A Guide to Healthy Motivation

What if you started every morning at work with a win? What effect would it have on your attitude and outlook of your job? Think about it. You would be fired up to get up in the morning and go to work. You would also find yourself sharing your excitement, motivating your team and driving your peers to hit their goals. Are you ready to make that happen for your teams?

Forget yearly, quarterly, or even monthly targets. I want you to start thinking smaller. Why? Setting MICROGOALS℠ can lift team morale, increase productivity, and help everyone perform better. Smaller targets, or MICROGOALS℠, are the way to motivate teams to make the most of every day. MICROGOALS℠ not only unlock your overall objectives but lead to macro-changes in your team culture and attitude.


MICROGOALS℠ represent your bigger goals but in the smallest possible units attributable to an individual. You can use them in training, target setting, performance management, and almost any way you can think of when there’s an end goal in mind.

Here’s a good example:

You are a sales manager, and your sales team consists of 50 frontline agents. Your annual sales target is 100,000 units. Saying “We have to sell 100,000 units” only offers up a number – it doesn’t say how you’re going get there.

Today’s technology makes it possible to break down that massive target into something as small as hourly targets precisely because we can track it. Your micro-goal is 385 units a day which is less than one sale per agent per hour. See how much easier that is to think about? Anyone can get their head around one sale per hour. You transformed a far-off and insurmountable target into an achievable and measurable number.

It also allows you to see where you stand every hour of every day. Knowing when you fall behind will enable you to take action to improve before it’s too late. Apply it to your whole organization, and you won’t just hit big numbers but produce confident, empowered employees who perform every hour of every day.

MICROGOALS℠ Can Change Your Life

Setting MICROGOALS℠ doesn’t just apply to sales. It can make any goal more manageable to both understand and achieve.

Here’s why:

When you set MICROGOALS℠, you create opportunities to celebrate success every day – or even every hour of every day. Those successes become the fuel for employee engagement and the type of inspiration that can change people’s lives.

Celebrating your success is too often reserved for annual sales meetings, end-of-year office parties, or annual performance reviews. Take the time to recognize when your team is on the right track, acknowledge the accomplishment, and then hit the ground running again.

Your goals also need to be attainable. Remember that sustainable productivity comes from the positive emotions we experience when we cross the finish line.

Some schools of management rebrand unattainable goal as “aspirational.” When people believe that their “aspirational” goal is not realistic, they give up before they even start.

When I work with teams chasing big, “aspirational” goals, I see people come into work, try to survive the day, check the box and go home. Building skills are not at the top of their priority list. More importantly, few people are motivated or having fun.

When you set MICROGOALS℠, the first hour of the workday isn’t a warm-up. With a single goal in mind, you can hit the ground running because you’re looking right at an achievable target.

Success sets up your entire day and makes mornings not just worthwhile but magical.

Are you ready to make massive changes by setting small goals? Qoreboard can help. We’d love to talk to you about changing your culture, driving performance and winning. Let’s chat in the comments or send us an e-mail at

By Mike Midgett


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