Staying Motivated At Work Friday, Feb 14th, 2020
Staying Motivated

Staying Motivated At Work

For anyone who has ever tried to lose weight or implement a new workout routine, you know it’s tough to stay motivated. Once you've reached your daily or weekly goal, what then? Yes, you ate fewer calories and ran those five miles, but it was hard. What motivation do you have to do it again tomorrow? Without a health tracker, Fitbit, or personal trainer to break down your large goals into smaller, more achievable daily goals, it’s difficult to keep up. The same can be said about your business goals. Without daily positive reinforcement or motivation to strive towards your team’s goals, it’s difficult to stay on track.

QOREBOARD delivers that business motivation! By breaking down daunting and sometimes overwhelming business goals into small, daily, or even hourly goals (MICROGOALS℠), there is always something to strive towards. MICROGOALS℠ are small goals that can lead to great results. QOREBOARD encourages teammates to take one more call or make one more sale every hour. Soon those small wins everyday result in material improvements in your team’s KPIs and your company’s bottom line.

After a successful day of exercise, seeing the number of steps you took, or miles you ran is fulfilling. Knowing you did well, gives you the motivation to do well the next day. QOREBOARD celebrates small victories with you at the office. Seeing how successful each workday can be will give you and your team the motivation to work harder and repeat it again the next day! It has never been easier to stay motivated with QOREBOARD! Email me at or go to our website: to learn how you can get started today!


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