Morale in the Workplace - Creating Healthy KPI's Friday, Jan 24th, 2020
Workplace Morale

Morale in the Workplace - Creating Healthy KPI's

High team spirit in the office is an important part of workplace culture: when your office morale is high, so are your KPI’s! Leaders in the past have adapted methods to keep office morale up, but have found them ineffective and insufficient long term. At QOREBOARD, our tools solve this issue. We show you how to align goals, give actionable feedback, and lead meetings that matter. We build more than teams – we build a meaningful culture!

Our SIMPLE process encourages positive interactions between team members and leaders. Every coaching activity lifts the team member’s spirits, and our QOREBOARD automated messages inspire individuals and leaves them encouraged to excel beyond typical performance. after their coaching sessions or team meetings.

What’s our secret? We make team meetings a combination of fun and learning. In these sessions, supervisors cede the floor to the agents. When leaders do less talking, they have time to facilitate the conversation and encourage sharing. It creates a space for team members to step up and share the most recent and best practices from real customer interactions. However, the only way to draw out those best practices is for the supervisor to facilitate it. By creating a safe environment, you create a meaningful and open conversation. Rather than using the meeting as a beat down or information download, you generate value for your team. When your team has tools of value, they translate it back into value for your company. QOREBOARD’s digital tool supports this new culture and helps supervisors drive team performance.

We want to see your team succeed the right way. Our training process is just one of the many ways we can help you do that. Building a team culture might sound like a daunting task, let QOREBOARD help you transition into a successful team with aligned goals and high spirits!

Winning begets more winning. Confidence builds more confidence. When you’re ready to win like never before, send us an email at


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